Software Details & Benefits

  • Accept Checks by Phone, Fax, or Web
    Ask Payer his Routing number and account number over phone, Fax, or messenger and generate a check.
  • Know If Your Clients Checks Are Good, Instantly
    Get instant verification about authenticity and ownership of a bank account mentioned by your client.
  • Much Easier For Your Clients to Pay You
    The entire process of verification is cut-short, a quick way to accept checks.
  • Eliminate "Invoice Build-Up"
    A quick process eliminates ‘Invoice Build-UP’
  • Software That your Team Will Love
    The user-friendly interface allows anyone and everyone to operate the software.
  • Reduced Labor Costs and Mailing Expenses
    No need for investing in human resources for carrying out background checks.
  • Mobile Friendly Deposits
    Can use mobile to operate the software and accept checks from clients.
  • Privacy
    We will not share or trade online information that you provide us (including e-mail addresses.)
  • Security
    All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure.

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