Frequently ask questions

A: Absolutely YES. Businesses these days take checks on the web/fax/phone.
A: NO. You need not bother getting any form of computer software to install/download/update or any form of computer equipment for this. In addition to that, you can access the Global solution system from anywhere in the world.
A: You can begin as soon as register for an account with Global Solution. Once you get your account, you can start using our E Check processing system.
A: At Global Solution, we use multiple layers of security to make sure that our clients’ information safe and away from harm’s way. We incorporate secured SSL communications in our system. Global Solution’s data center has its own built-in firewalls which monitored 24/7. All the sensitive data belonging to you and your customers is encrypted using effective encryption technology. We also priorities backing up data on a daily basis.
A: Global Solution does not guarantee the clearing of all checks. There is never a 100 percent fail-proof way to ensure that a check will clear.
A: Absolutely not. Global Solution provides its services on a month to month basis. There is not hidden contract. You can choose to discontinue your subscription at any given time. In case you cancel your subscription in the middle of the month, your subscription will end at the end of the current month and you will not be charged from the next month onward.
A: As a user of Global Solution’s services, you will be billed the day you register with us, and you will be billed every 30 days after that.
A: if you do reach your monthly verification limit, you can easily purchase more Instant/Advanced Verifications on our pricing page. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any given point of time.
A: When you log in to your account dashboard, you will have numerous reporting that will help you understand your day to day activities, the account status, remaining verifications balance, and various dashboard notifications, once your customers start sending your payments.

A: Global Solution recommends you to buy standard 8 ½” x 11” check papers with 3 checks on each page like the images displayed below. You can simply buy it from office supply stores or on the internet. In case you do not find a check paper with 3 checks on each page, you can simply contact us at Once you successfully register with us, you can get more info on what type of check paper to buy on our website. USA check paper details for Global Solution:

• Bank approved in the USA

• 3 2/3” checks are preferred

• Up to 3 business checks in each sheet Canada check paper details for Global Solution:

• Bank approved in the state of Canada

• Up to 3 business checks in each sheet

• 3 2/3” checks are preferred

• Keep an eye for Canadian version checks logo or CPA or Canadian Payment Association complaint check.

A: The above-mentioned checks can be found in any office supply store or on the internet. If you cannot find the preferred check with 3 checks on each page, you can email us at for more information.
A: Simply click on the “print check” option and generate the unique access code to open up the print checks section. You can either select one or more checks for printing purposes at one time by clicking the “print selected’ option. This will eventually make a PDF file for the E Checks to be printed out.
A: you can simply send us an email at in order to cancel your subscription. Kindly review billing Agreements for further details.