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The Power of Diversification in Payment Processing

August 30, 2018

Ever heard of merchant accounts for the adult entertainment industry? Well, even if you haven’t, let me tell you that such a thing exists. The adult entertainment industry is thriving and is bigger than one can imagine. Of course, we don’t talk about it so often in our daily lives, but that does not mean that the adult industry is not there. But the thing is that payment processing for various adult business houses such as dating sites, adult toys companies, escort services, strip clubs, adult webcam websites, adult streaming websites, and pornography websites are sometimes hard to find. Although these services can be found in the United States of America, the level of competence can be questioned. That being said, payment services are available and are running operations as you are reading this blog. The thing that has brought a major change in the way these services work is the diversification of payment processing. It is indeed a very smart move when high-risk businesses such as the adult entertainment businesses are concerned. The emphasis is on establishing a direct relationship with banks and financial institutions. This simply results in the whole procedure ending up in a ‘no middleman’ zone. Therefore, the lack of middlemen only means that your money will be yours only. On the world level, the adult entertainment industry is worth USD 97 billion in terms of annual revenue. Out of this, the United States of America holds for USD 15 billion in terms of yearly revenue, that is, a little over 15 percent of the entire adult industry gross worth. It is a huge figure and thus the industry holds a prominent position in the American business scenario.

High Volume Merchant Accounts

The problem that often occurs in the case adult business owners is that the industry falls under the high-risk flag and that usually disrupts the payment processing procedure and other associated departments. That is exactly why high volume merchant accounts are so in demand when the adult industry is in question. Adult merchants in the United States of America usually establish various domestic and even international ties with payment processing services. Moreover, payment modes that reduce all kinds of inefficiencies and hindrances are more preferred than the ones that do. For instance, adult business owners prefer eChecks services as a mode of payment as compared to, let’s say, the traditional checks simply because they are way more efficient and take virtually no time to reach the beneficiary. It also involves nearly no additional charges that one can incur in the case of credit cards.

The Verdict

Over the past few years, the topography of the adult entertainment industry has changed a lot. To be really honest, it is nor the same as it was a few years ago. It has grown multifold and has flourished in ways very few could have thought it could. In such a scenario, diversification of merchant payment accounts has been nothing less than a revolution. To top it off, payment modes such as the eCheck have only added to this revolution. High-risk merchants no longer need to face difficulties in receiving payments from customers. Adult merchant accounts have evolved over time and for the good.

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